On 23 August 1996, Oasis performed a notorious Unplugged for MTV.  The show was more memorable for Liam not performing, citing a sore throat, and watching the show from the balcony.

After the last song, Liam strolled through the crowd, jumped on stage with ciggie in one hand, lager bottle in the other, ran across the stage and plonked a few notes on the piano.  He didn't return.

MTV deliberated over airing the show, particularly after the MTV video awards incident.  The show was eventually screened. 

Here is the set list, a map given to the ticket winners showing the location (Royal Festival Hall), and a ticket for the show.

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Unplugged Map Unplugged Ticket The Band Noel

Set List

Some Might Say
Live Forever
Listen Up
The Masterplan
Don't Look Back In Anger
Talk Tonight
Morning Glory
Round Are Way/Up In The Sky
Cast No Shadow

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