Liam Kisses a Copper

By Wright and Dominic Mohan

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Liam and Sgt Donning Oasis video Shoot Liam and Noel Scowling :P

OASIS bad boy Liam Gallagher got lippy with the police yesterday - by snogging a bobby.

The singer had me in stitches when he pecked the peeler at the climax of a top-secret photoshoot in Wigan.

He gave Sgt Bernard Donning a full blown smacker on the lips.

"It was a total surprise," the breathless copper told me later.

"Every woman in Britain wants a snog off Liam. They'll be queuing up to snog me now. Well, that's what I'm hoping."

Liam's past brushes with the law have not always been so pleasant - he was arrested for possessing cocaine last year.

Sgt Donning was called in to keep Wigan fans under control. But most of the shoot took place beside Gradwell's boxing gym in nearby Scholes - and only The Mirror was there to capture the action.

Although Oasis want to keep details of the single a secret, the cover is likely to feature a fire and brimstone scene.

At the shoot, a preacher ranted at a crowd of extras which parted when Oasis arrived to mime for the cameras.

The rockers were also snapped in a boxing ring.

Liam was delighted with the results. "Wigan was the right place for this shoot," he said over a pint of Guinness in the Crispin Arms.

POLICE sergeant Bernard Donning told last night of the moment he copped a kiss from Liam Gallagher.

The Oasis star planted a huge smacker on the astonished officer's cheek during a photo shoot for their next single.

As he recovered at home, Sgt Donning, 50, said: "He just did it as a joke and I'm not angry with him. But I realise I am now the envy of millions of girls."

He added: "Liam had kissed one of our policewomen. As he walked over, I said: 'You can b***er off if you think you're going to do that to me.'

"He walked up to me as if to shakehands, then grabbed my face with both hands and gave me, a huge kiss on my cheek. It was a real smacker.

"If it had been on the lips I'd have been after him. As he ran off, he shouted, 'I got the copper.' He was laughing his head off.

"We had been slightly worried because of their previous run-ins with police. But they were very friendly. it was a great day."

Liam, 24, and brother Noel, 29, relaxed in a pub after the shoot in Wigan, Lancs, which drew huge crowds of fans.

Meanwhile Noel has named his new £lmillion mansion Supernova Heights after their hit Champagne Supernova. The name stands in 8ft wide, tacky stained glass over the entrance to his three storey house in Hampstead, North London.

Sun/Mirror 21March 1997

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