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Ok, here goes....

Im Phil Jones.

As you can probably see from the subjects of my pages, Im into music into a big way. Mostly guitar based groups. This is all the fault of a band I decided to listen to when I was about 13 called The Beatles.  It was a bit of a turning point - from there it was lots of other 60s stuff, Hollies, Kinks etc (Try them if you haven't already) and then onto the more 'modern' stuff like Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Jeff Healey, Crowded House, Oasis and many others.  All the tastes appear different, but are interlinked in some strange ways which means, when you get into one band, it can invariably have an effect on your musical pallette and makes you try another band.

Anyway, enough of the pretentious theorising - that was the whole point of the webpages - to enlighten you - go in with an open mind.

About me REALLY - born in 1972, Ive been using computers and had a keen interest in them since I was 11.  I am now work as a system administrator.

I was born and live in Neath, just east of Swansea in the UK.  You can find it on a map by turning left at London


Thanks to all of you for looking in!!

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