Quickie Biography

Crowded House were a group formed in 1986 with Neil Finn (Guitar/Vocals), Paul Hester (Drums) and Nick Seymour (Bass). Neil and Paul had been in the band Split Enz with Neil's brother Tim.

In 1991, Tim joined the House for a brief period to record the Woodface album. Tim left the band after the album was finished.

Mark Hart (Keyboards/Guitar/Anything else) became a fully fledged member of the band before their fourth album Together Alone, recorded in Neil's homeland, New Zealand.

In 1994, however, Paul Hester left the band mid-tour in the US. Peter Jones was brought in as a full-time replacement, but, Paul's departure, for many, spelled the end of the band. The reason for this being that, the four members had a unique on-stage humour and ability to improvise that nobody could replace.

On 4 June 1996, during a promotional mini-tour of the UK, Neil Finn announced that the band was to split. However, as a curtain call, the band played at the steps of Sydney Opera House for a free charity concert. Paul returned for this gig, Tim and Peter also made appearances.

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